i-Score: Credit Risk Scoring & Early Warning Indicators System


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i-Score is a complete, user-friendly platform for managing credit risk strategies, implementing, improving, evaluating and presenting Credit risk, offering the ability for developing Early Warning indicators and producing related Reports, embedded in a common platform (credit scoring, collection and recoveries scoring models). In addition, it allows organizations to advance their Decision-Making capabilities, and to create the most suitable Strategies.

i-Score’s biggest strength lies in its ability to offer simulation and comparison capabilities between various scenarios, and finding the most effective one, resulting in increased cash inflows and liquidity, and thus offering a significant competitive advantage to every organization!

With i-Score, implementing internal rules and policies, and ensuring compliance to local and international regulations has become easier than ever before. Designing and improving decisions throughout the complete Customer Life Cycle, is now a quick and clear process, as i-Score empowers users to design appropriate strategies for effective decision-making, utilizing all available date and information.

i-Score Benefits

i-Score offers numerous benefits compared to the competition as described below:

  • It has been designed and developed from the outset for SMEs. With a low total cost of ownership, it helps companies which have few clients and accounts achieve a positive ROI.
  • It offers significant agility – ability to respond quickly to ever changing business needs and requirements of organizations.
  • It allows for knowledge transfer within the organization, unlike the usual practice of most international competitive products.
  • It offers significant integration capabilities with the IT systems & tools of every organization.
  • It comes at a very competitive cost compared to the competition.