Intelligent Financial Cubes

Enterprise Performance Management


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Enhancing corporate performance management

Intelligent Financial Cubes closes the gap between strategy and execution by cascading corporate goals down into department-relevant metrics while ensuring accountability, enabling trusted reporting and analysis and streamlining execution of strategy-guided and risk-aware plans. Business users benefit from more precision, faster time to value and a new user experience.

Intelligent Financial Cubes modernizes and enhances the processes of planning, budgeting and forecasting while at the same time it minimizes business risk, by securing the speed and validity of data and reports. It provides the ability to make measurable decisions which help in optimizing risk management and contribute to positive future results, thanks to the better and faster understanding of the company’s progress.


Key features and benefits

  • Offers the same accurate and consolidated information to all users
  • Easy to use and familiar, based on using Excel as user interface environment
  • All Content Accessible, thanks to multi-dimensional analysis – drill-down and multidimensional cube slicing and dicing
  • No programming or scripting skills are required from the users. Therefore, user efficiency increases and IT is relieved from unnecessary work loads
  • The solution is based on the i-FC platform and takes advantage of all its features and benefits
  • Provides central data management
  • Eliminates non-productive processes of MSExcel (tracking down numbers, fixing broken links, debugging macros)
  • Incorporates enhanced functionality which strengthens business models
  • Reduces the duration of processes and frees up more time for analysis, thanks to its advanced analysis models for crucial what-if scenarios
  • Provides extended use of dashboards for visualizing the information