SAP Database & Technology

Using the SAP Database & Technology solutions, customers can optimize and enhance their investments, connect valuable data sources and extend their user access to critical business information, thus providing them with flexibility and a step ahead in productivity across all business activities.

Database Management
A high-performance mechanism for recording and retrieving business records lies at the heart of the Unwired Enterprise. Database management software products provide this crucial foundation. Built with performance in mind, database management products create an environment that can handle fast-paced business processes, such as trading stocks on Wall Street, providing telecommunications services, maintaining patient insurance records for the healthcare industry or delivering on critical intelligence needs.

Business Continuity
Users want to access their data anywhere, anytime. The reality is that systems go down, power grids fail, human error intervenes and even the most reliable software environments occasionally lock up. The question is not if there will be disruption to your system environment, but when. What will your software systems do to automatically and quickly get your users back online? SAP business continuity solutions reduce the cost of operating remote recovery while reducing business risk and ensuring data integrity.

Data Warehousing
A highly optimized analytics server handles the most challenging data warehousing requirements with ease.