Relational – Company Overview

Relational S.A. is an international software developer and integrator. It was founded in Athens, Greece in 1995. Since then, the firm has grown from being one of the most promising independent software vendors of 150 employees in Greece, to an international software developer and integrator with offices in 6 European countries and a client base all over Europe, Northern and Sub Saharan Africa and the Arab Peninsula.

Relational has developed critical business software solutions for the banking, telecoms, retail, and government sectors while it also delivers integrated Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Business Service Management solutions in cooperation with a number of leading international software vendors. Our customer base includes a significant number - over 300 - of corporate customers across all industries. Especially in banking, over 50.000 users operate the company’s mission critical software applications. The top 20 banks in Greece and the Balkans rely on Relational for their major informational systems to deliver and process thousands of financial transactions in real time.

With Relational software solutions customers gain a competitive edge by getting maximum value from their information assets. They can optimize and enhance the investments they already own, link together the valuable data resources already in place, and extend the reach of business-critical information to users on the front lines, enhancing their financial agility and productivity edge across all areas of their business.