AroTRON™ Collections and Recoveries

A customer-centric collections and recoveries solution


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    AroTRON™ Collections and Recoveries is the most comprehensive solution for streamlined, customer-centric collections management, covering all stages of a customer lifecycle.

    AroTRON™ Rule-Engine is used to produce triggers at early stages, to impose Pre-collection (proactive) Customer Card, aiming to convert risk to opportunity.


    AroTRON™ Telemarketing and Lead Management pipelines customers out of collections for efficient on the spot cross-selling.

    Throughout the basic collections phase, where minimization of roll-outs is of critical importance, AroTRON™ makes full use of advanced productivity features, such as Workflow Engine and Prioritized Work Queues, integrated with low-cost channels such as SMS, e-mail and telephony platform (with predictive dialer capabilities).