Automic – Broadcom

Automate complex IT and business processes

Automic offers the industry’s most robust platform and toolset to address every enterprise’s automation challenges. Whether looking for dynamic scheduling, help in integrating disparate applications, a way to manage a virtual environment sprawl, or the ability to predictively manage and model IT resources—UC4 can help.

The platform applies an unprecedented level of intelligence to forecast and automate complex IT and business processes across hybrid computing environments—from physical data centers to virtual platforms to processes running in the cloud.

Automic is the only company with a single automation platform across all business processes, applications and infrastructure, enabling businesses to automate every aspect of their day-to-day operations regardless of complexity or location. By doing this in a consistent, repeatable and auditable way, business leaders can ensure that each mission-critical process works every time, whilst having the visibility necessary to mitigate the risk of issues that cause downtime, miss SLAs or an event that can damage their company’s health. Automic provides business automation solutions to thousands of companies from a wide range of sectors, including financial services, retail, telecoms and utilities.

Automic products and solutions include:

  • Automation Engine
  • Object Orientation
  • Central Repository
  • Advanced Analytics