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Build a foundation for data-driven intelligence and process innovation. Deliver a unified foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise that accelerates process innovation and harnesses the value of data across connected business applications and ecosystems.

SAP HANA & Databases (SAP IQ, SAP ASE)

Capitalize on new opportunities and make better decisions faster with agile analytical and transactional database management. Database management system software for data storage optimization gives companies a competitive advantage by providing advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions on real-time data – they will get accurate, up-to-date responses in a fraction of a second.

SAP HANA is the only all-in-one, in-memory-first data platform. By providing all the capability to support anything from transactions to complex analytics on diverse and distributed data, you can simplify your application architecture and IT landscape while helping your customers become more agile and flexible.

SAP IQ - Turn Big Data into Your Biggest Ally with Extreme-Scale Analytics & Warehousing

SAP IQ offers the ability to exploit the value of big data, with the world’s fastest data loading, new compression techniques, and new ways to organize and partition data. It offers unprecedented flexibility and allows companies to get data where they want when they want it. Organizations will have the ability to transform their business and explore deeper insights with low latency real-time analytics. SAP IQ offers fast, concurrent ingestion of data from multiple sources while streamlining IT administration tasks and reducing IT workloads.

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) - Extreme Transactional Processing!

SAP ASE supports thousands of concurrent users with ultra-fast, nonstop performance on cost-effective, standards-based platform. SAP ASE is an industry standard transactional processing relational database management system (RDBMS).                                                                                                                                   SAP ASE supports thousands of concurrent users and is designed to provide highly-efficient database management while maintaining the performance needed for extreme transaction processing. Rely on SAP ASE to reduce risk, increase agility and establish a path for continuous innovation within mission-critical application environments.

Enterprise Information Management (SAP Data Services, BW/4HANA)

Run a Successful Digital Business with Complete, Trusted, and Relevant Data              Deliver information excellence with enterprise information management (EIM). Support capabilities to understand, integrate, cleanse, manage, associate, and archive your data to optimize business processes and analytical insights.

SAP Data Warehousing (SAP HANA, SAP BW/4HANA)

Designed for business, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud includes pre-built templates, integration to SAP & other data sources – and the power of SAP HANA. It keeps business users & IT in sync, avoiding data silos and unexpected costs, and offers in-memory data management, including data privacy & anonymization.

Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk & Compliance

Technology Platform

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that provides unique in-memory database and application services. It is the proven cloud platform that enables you to rapidly develop new applications or extend and integrate existing ones.

Intelligent Technologies - SAP Leonardo

The SAP Leonardo portfolio helps you harness machine learning and deliver a suite of applications and services that are instantly consumable without additional hardware. Machine learning can help your business raise productivity, profitability and enrich your customers’ experience. It applies to a variety of use cases including:

  • Matching incoming payments to receivables
  • Assessing the impact of brand placement
  • Resolution of service tickets faster
  • Leverage standard ML services around computer vision and natural language processing for enterprise scenarios

Internet of Things (IoT)

Innovate and enhance processes with data-driven intelligence from machines, products, supply chains, customers, and partners.

Machine Learning

Enhance business processes with intelligent algorithms using enterprise-grade machine learning capabilities.


Simplify and optimize complex multi-party processes with Blockchain technology

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