Relational has established an innovation initiative which explores a broad area of leading-edge technology applications. It actively participates in a number of European Community and National Research Projects with emphasis on intelligent data exploitation techniques. Our teams exchange the acquired knowledge with other European and American software companies through international conferences related to the above mentioned topics.

Within this initiative, Relational has established an International Operations Department which operates within the company. The department is a multidisciplinary scientific unit which carries out research and development activities providing management and decision support services on a wide range of complex business, societal and technical problems.

It comprises of faculty members, senior experts, PhD and Master holders, PhD candidates and researchers. International Department was established in 1997 and since then, it is growing constantly, expanding its spectrum of activities and its geographical target areas. Today, more than 20 highly qualified researchers and experts are members and close collaborators of the International Operations Department, which is ready to offer scientific services in the following areas:

  1. Future Internet and Enterprise Systems (FinES) & Factories of the Future (FoF): Enterprise Interoperability, Virtual Organizations, Collaborative Enterprise Networks, Digital & Business Ecosystems, Business Modelling & Simulations, Participative Business Engineering, Dynamic Manufacturing Networks, Manufacturing Information Systems, Roadmaps etc.
  2. Policy Modelling and e-Government: Participative Policy Modelling, e-Participation, New Governance Models, Mass Collaboration and Cooperation Platforms, Participative Decision Making, Next-Generation Public Service Delivery, Argument Visualization Tools & Techniques, BPR in the Public Sector, e-Government Interoperability Frameworks, Roadmaps, etc.
  3. Internet of Services (IoS): Service Oriented Architectures, Semantic WEB, Software as a Service, Service Mashup Architectures, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Service and Software Architectures, Internet of Things, Cloud Interoperability, Context Awareness, Web-Based Services, Interoperability Services Utility, etc. Indicative related projects are the following:
  4. Social Media & Open Data: Social Mining Techniques, Advanced Digital Media Access and Delivery Platforms, Intelligent Dynamic Media Adaptation, Crowd Sourcing, Public Engagement, Open/ Linked Governmental Data, Collaboration.