Loan Origination

Our loan origination solution fully automates the entire procedure of approving or rejecting a loan.

Modern banking organizations, in accordance to what globalization reality imposes on financial entities, confront an increasingly fierce competition. Capabilities that have to do with top management responsibilities, such as a finely tuning-in to current market conditions, are tightly interrelated, in an unprecedented way, with middle- and low-management ones, thanks to information technology recent developments, creating the ground for the adoption of holistic approaches concerning banking operations.

Coping with today’s extremely volatile markets, requires -along with typical banking capabilities- a superset of seemingly unrelated qualities that can contribute to simultaneously achieving complex goals, such as: anticipate new markets, grasp cross-sell opportunities, stay abreast of industry trends and reduce time-to-market, while at the same time ensure business continuity by minimizing interruption to ongoing activities.

CIOs and middle management have to bridge the gap between top and lower technical management, as well as business and technical views and priorities, in order to achieve the successful implementation of strategic and top tactical plans. Thus, they have to ensure improved oversight on the loan origination process, a successful segmentation of clientele in association with products and offers and leverage existing information from multiple channels, especially where multinational large organizations are part of the picture. While, on the other hand, they have to cope with more technical demands such as: creation of the best technology combination between new and existing software systems (including proprietary ones), elimination of system duplication (“data in one place”), rapid deployment of new lending products and reduction of IT projects life-cycle, effortless adaptation of business processes and quick and easy management of product guidelines and pricing, to name some of the most significant ones.

According to new rules that dominate customer demand mechanisms, a leading banking institution must be able to create new competitive products and offers (that can be faster rolled out) to meet customers’ needs, to adapt existing products and offers to new financial environment and to increase operational efficiency (through loan production and management consolidation across origination channels), leading to rapid and smarter lending decisions.

Banks want to address quickly evolving customer needs and to reduce friction initiated by poor operational features and obsolete systems. They strive to achieve this through elimination of slow, unresponsive services, in order for customers to experience improved lending services. Contemporary customers’ desires dictate the existence of carefully prepared alternative offers and banking systems capable of furnishing instant promises, through the elimination of fragmented, time-consuming, paper-based, largely manual, error-prone and sometimes redundant activities that create processing bottlenecks. In this context, leveraging mobile/web capabilities that create new delivery channels, providing clear explanations to potential customers on product options and loan terms and taking measures to hinder the appearance of ill-structured practices (such as repeated provision of the same information in multiple applications), can be deemed as an absolute necessity, in a continuous attempt to improve acceptance and loyalty.

Our solution eliminates the unnecessary paperwork and offers the ability to banks and financial institutions to reach their customers in every point, in every location, at any time. Its advanced web and security technologies, combined with our extensive experience in the financial sector, allow our customers to provide their products and services, 24 hours per day either on any device.

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