Relational acquires Cententia SA

Relational S.A. today announced the completed merger of Cententia S.A., provider of the AroTRON™ Collections and Recoveries software platform, after reaching a full stakeholders’ agreement. The merger enhances Relational’s software solutions portfolio by adding significant value and know how to NPL management in the Banking sector.
The new business scheme has already integrated all banking software solutions pertaining to Loans Origination System (LOS), Loans Management System (LMS), and Collections & Recoveries of NPLs, Loans Restructuring, Litigation System and Business Analytics under the comprehensive software platform MiTOS. The new platform is a significant investment fully owned by Relational and incorporates all innovative technologies that offer an advanced infrastructure on which all Relational software products shall be based, in order to provide a multitude of benefits to its customer base.