Data Analytics in Collections

23 October 2019

Data analytics offer new and more powerful ways to segment receivables, measure outcomes, and take cost-effective actions. Research shows that data analytics can improve the collection process, but firms need to implement that research. Working with a fintech partner is often the best solution for financial institutions and other organizations. Segmenting Receivables Collectors have always […]

The Future of Auto Finance

18 October 2019

Fintech is changing the way that consumers access credit, and auto lending is part of that process. The traditional model of dealership financing is too confusing and time-consuming to survive more intense competition. Fintech startups, established banks, and even dealerships could offer customers faster approval, more choices, and perhaps better terms. Embracing change is the […]

Financial Convergence

9 October 2019

The idea of financial convergence has been around at least since the 1990s, but the process is accelerating. Banks, Big Tech, and fintech start-ups are increasingly working together on joint projects or competing directly in the same markets. A coming financial convergence is behind all of these interactions. A similar convergence has already taken place […]

Data Analytics Are the Path to AI

30 September 2019

Most businesses realize that data analytics can increase sales and boost productivity, but there are also benefits for AI. Analytics require automated access to current data sources and the ability to put information to use quickly. That is exactly what we need for the successful deployment of artificial intelligence. By investing in data analytics, firms […]


Save the date – NPL Europe, SmithNovak

20 March 2023

Another year, another great collaboration with SmithNovak NPL Europe London, where we are proud sponsors! Looking forward to our annual meeting in London, to exchange insights and talk about the latest market trends. Our own Jarmo Kesanto, International Business Development Manager Relational FS, will go on stage to chat with other market experts at the “Collections Technology” […]

Atlassian partnership announcement

18 October 2022

We are pleased to announce that Relational is becoming an Atlassian Solution Partner. This partnership is a result of the merger agreement between Cententia and Relational and follows the process of transferring all related activities and personnel of Cententia to Relational. Cententia has been an Atlassian Solution Partner since 2007, offering high-quality consulting & development […]

Save the date – NPL Iberia Conference, SmithNovak

8 September 2022

We are excited to announce that we are once again a proud sponsor of SmithNovak’s NPL Iberia Conference, taking place in Madrid on 29 November! We will be announcing our speakers soon, until then please check out our website for more info. More about the event here