How could you reduce the net loss on loans not recovered?

27 September 2021

There needs to be a focus to reduce NPLs since they are always a subject of worry for banks.

The consequences of NPLs on lenders’ profitability is twofold:
– a net loss on loans not recovered, and
– an increase in costs as managing NPLs is extremely time consuming, due to paper-intensive workflow and an abundance of manual tasks

Our Loan Management System and Decision Engine, together with AroTRON, can support your efforts to reduce the net loss on loans not recovered, to improve the debt collection actions.
One of the top benefits brought to our clients is substantially decreased NPL management costs. Paperless workflows, minimised manual tasks and monitoring / reporting the costs are the feedback from our clients.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist your NPL management and reduce your worries.


NPL Technologies: Leveraging Tech Advancements as Value Drivers

24 November 2021

On November 3, Alexandros Efstratoglou MCICM shared his insights on the “NPL Technologies | Leveraging Tech Advancements as Value Drivers” panel. We would like to thank DDC Financial Group for organizing this event! And thanks to all the speakers for the quality of the talks. Watch the full video here:

Technology and business needs

23 November 2021

Technology moves very fast and is part of our daily lives, without us actually noticing that we are so dependent on all kinds of technologies, which should be also kept updated or replaced by newer versions. Financial industry has been for decades challenged to have the most recent technology to stay competitive in their customer […]

Digital Lending – Middle East & Africa movements

12 October 2021

Middle East & Africa Digital Lending platform market is expected to gain a considerable market growth in the Post-Pandemic Covid-19 years ahead. The Pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work, e-commerce, and automation in all industries including the banking industry. According to Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the market is growing at a CAGR […]