METRO Cash & Carry gains new insights with Sybase IQ

3 November 2000

ATHENS, November 3, 2000 — METRO Cash & Carry appointed Relational to implement a management information system (MIS) based on Sybase IQ in order to gain access to valuable business data that drives METRO’s tactical product and pricing strategy while lowering operating costs.

Sybase IQ allows METRO’s management team to quickly drill down into critical financial and sales information, providing operating insight that helps METRO maximize profitability while also constructing a vision for tomorrow.

METRO implemented Sybase IQ to have the best information available to support its decision-making processes. Commenting on the implementation, George Voutyras, IT director at METRO, said: “Sybase IQ drives the management of METRO by providing access to real-time data in a true single-version of the truth. In-depth analysis of business activity including per store turnover and margins by product line and category is now a reality. This superior knowledge assists us in analysing the results of pricing initiatives by individual product line and store.”

At the same time, METRO has also gained real control over its profit margins, Voutyras explained. “Now we are quickly able to identify breaches of our gross profit margin guidelines. We can drill down to an amazing level, either to store, outlet category, sector, time period or even buyer level information.”

Accessing this information in real-time gives METRO the ability to react quickly, thereby protecting and maximizing its profitability. In brief, implementing Sybase IQ has directly influenced METRO’s commercial strategy and the ability to develop insightful and tailored commercial offerings is now a reality.

“The system allows us to monitor sales of every product group per customer or per customer segment. As a result, we have an accurate customer profile at all times and we can adapt our commercial approaches to meet their needs and drive demand,” said Voutyras.

Access to dramatically faster and consistently more accurate information to monitor sales, profit and market share by product allows METRO to identify products that require immediate support. This valuable business data drives METRO’s tactical product and pricing strategy, while lowering operating costs.

George Voutyras concluded: “Sybase IQ provides us with operating insight that helps us to maximize profitability, while also providing the financial information to construct a vision for tomorrow.”


Founded in 1976, METRO is one of the largest food retailers and wholesalers in Greece. Initially established as a partnership of eight independent grocery outlets, it quickly expanded into both retail and wholesale/cash & carry operations. The My Market retail chain serves retail customers with branded and own-label product lines, while the METRO Cash & Carry operation provides a wide range of products to business operations including smaller grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and similar catering and retail outlets.

About Relational

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