Business Objects tools and services from Relational bring competitive edge to Athens International Airport

ATHENS, October 10, 2002 — Relational, the international software developer and integrator, was selected by Athens International Airport (AIA) to provide Business Objects tools that would supplement its business intelligence system and contribute to the overall competitiveness of the airport.

Relational was brought in to help with the second phase of a wider project to improve AIA’s IT and business intelligence systems.

AIA first installed the IT systems infrastructure for the management of many diverse applications. The simultaneous and combined use of these various systems significantly increased the complexity of the tasks for IT management, and also presented a challenge for the tools that the company planned to install in a second phase to allow information from the various systems to be retrieved and combined.

Once the foundations of the infrastructure were in place, the next phase involved the installation of business intelligence and financial analyzer tools from Oracle combined with Relational’s business objects products. Through the deployment of these tools, AIA employees are now able to analyse business data in all systems to speed up decision-making processes.

Aviation applications are able to make flexible use of business objects tools, allowing users to drill down into the different databases in order to retrieve and combine information from different sources.

About Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport SA (AIA) was established in 1996 as a public-private partnership with a 30-year concession agreement. Ratified by Greek Law 2338/95, the concession agreement grants the right to use the airport site for the purpose of the “design, financing, construction, completion, commissioning, maintenance, operation, management and development of the airport”.

About Relational

Relational is an international software developer and integrator with offices in five countries (Greece headquarters, Romania, UK, Dubai and Kenya) and a client base all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Relational’s mission is to enable enterprises to develop a competitive advantage through innovative IT solutions. Through its partnerships, R&D and numerous installations in the areas of business process management, business intelligence, data warehousing, database management, data integration, application integration and business service management, Relational has put together a reliable product portfolio of innovative solutions that add business value to its customers’ mission-critical IT systems.

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