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    Loan origination and processing system for banks and lending organizations

    i-Apply is an advanced Business Process Management Loan Origination System, built on state-of-the-art internet technologies to deliver seamlessly flowing processes. i-Apply helps banks of any size bring their internal operations under complete management control, while maintaining an accurate view of which processes are carried out, who is responsible for every task, how long it takes for its completion and how much it costs. The result is an agile organization, capable of gaining and preserving the competitive advantage in its market.

    i-Apply has been primarily designed and developed as a component solution to fit the needs of the financial services industry. It was first introduced into the Greek market in 1996, as a vertical solution for the banking sector and was soon deployed in several Eastern European and Balkan countries.

    i-apply can substantially help large banking organizations fulfill their strategic goals and unique objectives, in a well-organized manner. i-apply enables them to protect their sustainable advantage over competition, by establishing strong differentiation factors, reacting quickly to business challenges that arrive from a host of business-related channels and increasing organizational agility, while at the same time it supports all good traditional features.


    Through automation of lending transactions and optimization of the entire loan origination decision chain, banks are enabled to establish a robust customer-centric mechanism with remarkable positive implications in their core business, where top management concerns spring from. Creation of new sources of revenue, along with smart cost reduction resulting from applying the economy-of-scale principle, can contribute to an above-average increase in revenues and sales, as well as a regain of earnings momentum and growth expansion.

    Business Benefits

    Control your entire lending process
    External and internal scoring along with pre-populated KYC information, minimize data capture requirements and allow the bank staff to focus on the right customer and quality loan portfolios.

    Increase your efficiency and business agility
    Scorings can be adjusted to changing market conditions, while new lending products can be rolled out fast targeting new market segments.

    Reduce your risk and regulatory exposure
    Rigorous and standardized approval processes throughout the Loan Origination lifecycle and for different lines of business, support compliance efforts protecting the institution against defaults

    Run with powerful workflow and rule engines
    With seamless routing, tracking, allocation of automated tasks and notifications to bank staff, i-Apply supports timely credit decisions, which are organized entirely around the bank’s unique credit policies.