Data Integration

Whether your data is multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, our hybrid data integration products integrate all of your data and applications, in batch or real time. Integrate data and applications in minutes and support new and complex integration patterns easily. Get high performance, reliability, and near-universal connectivity for your mission-critical business processes.


Informatica PowerCenter accelerates on-premise data integration and data warehouse projects. Quickly support the entire data integration lifecycle, from jumpstarting your first project, to leading mission-critical enterprise deployments.

Cloud Integration

Build a cloud data warehouse on any of the leading cloud platforms or maintain one on-premises. Get up and running fast by connecting to on-premises data sources and cloud applications, and seamlessly integrate high volumes of data.

Data Catalog

Enterprise Data Catalog enables Business and IT users to realize the full potential of their enterprise data assets by providing a unified metadata view that includes technical metadata, business context, user annotations, relationships, data quality and usage.

  • A powerful tool to aid the curation of an enterprise-wide catalogue
  • Automatic data store scanning and “Google-like” enterprise search
  • Establish the trustworthiness of your data with:
    • End-to-end data lineage
    • Integrated Data Quality
  • Designed for large, complex data sets
  • Automated tagging and classification of data
  • View relationships between entities
  • Fluid, graphical workspace with zero coding

Data Quality and Governance

Data Quality

Ensure that data, regardless of its volume or type, is of the highest quality so you get accurate analytics, improved customer experience, and streamlined migration to the cloud or a data lake.

Deliver the right data quality capabilities at the right time and the right scale to the right users.

Data Quality key features:

  • Role-based capabilities
  • Flexible deployment
  • Exception management
  • Enterprise discovery, search, and profiling
  • Intelligent data quality
  • Rule builder for business analysts
  • Pre-built, reusable rules and accelerators
  • Rich set of data quality transformations

Axon Data Governance

Axon Data Governance is a packaged enterprise web application that documents, manages and monitors the parameters of a data governance program, and aligns business and technical data related to that program to assess and monitor attainment against documented data governance program outcomes.

Axon Data Governance provides:

  • A holistic, integrated view of data and its usage across the enterprise
  • Crowdsourced contributions and participation
  • Powerful search capability & workflow engine
  • Provides clarity around key business processes, e.g. Know Your Customer
  • Treat data as a strategic asset by documenting ownership of assets
    • Examine lineage to find stakeholders who can resolve issues, e.g. Data Quality
    • Raise and manage change requests
  • Rich in business context with business glossaries
    • Integrated with Informatica Data Quality & Enterprise Data Catalog

Data Security

Data Archive

Control data growth in production databases and retire legacy applications, while managing retention, ensuring compliance, and retaining access to business data.

Data Masking

Protects unauthorized access to and disclosure of sensitive, private and confidential information.

  • Informatica Persistent Data Masking is a data masking solution used to mask sensitive structured data during testing and development.
  • Informatica Dynamic Data Masking is a data privacy solution used to mask sensitive production and production support data without making any changes to application source-code or databases.


Secure @ Source provides data security intelligence that identifies the location, risks, access and use of sensitive data.

Secure @ Source operationalizes data privacy governance to help lower risk exposure for cloud modernization, data lakes, customer centricity, and new digital transformation programs. It helps organization discover and classify their data, assess risk, monitor suspicious data access and movement, and automate protection and response—all in one solution.

Test Data Management

Enable secure, automated provisioning of non-production data sets to meet development and testing needs.

Master Data Management

Informatica offers a modular, comprehensive MDM solution designed for flexibility.

Start with your most pressing data pain points and business needs, then grow the system as your needs expand. Get more business value from your data as you get clearer insights with:

  • A single view of the data
  • A 360-degree view of the relationships
  • A complete view of all interactions