Debt management



Arotron is the most comprehensive solution for streamlined, customer-centric collections management, covering all stages of a customer lifecycle.

Arotron makes full use of advanced productivity features, such as the Decision Engine module, management dashboards, and MIS reporting, along with unified automated communication through automated dialing, SMS, e-mail, and chat box.


Improve Compliance

Comprehensive segmentation, strategies and workflow models are defined, building a secure and fully auditable end-to-end process, which maintains flexibility, while it ensures the quality of complex customer treatment.

Adapt with Great Flexibility

With industry standard rules and risk models, Arotron supports and automates scorecards, segmentation, strategies and workflows, allowing Agents to focus on handling the customer of increased risk and complexity, thus shielding the organisation from potential “bad debt” exposures. With reusable and highly configurable scorecards, segmentation, strategies and workflows capabilities, the organisation can address changes with minimum operational disruptions.

Automates the activities of the corporate Call Center

Including viewing and monitoring the entire history of all individual customer and company relationships, data sources, follow-up actions, (calls, letters, e-mails, meetings etc.), future appointments etc.

Design and implement efficient Collections & Recoveries strategies

Decision Engine along with Arotron’s Collections Module fully cover the needs of graphical design and validation of business rules by challenging multiple scenarios and selecting the champion. Additionally, the Decision Engine models, Early Warning Indicators (EWI) can be set-up in order to proactively follow up loans installments before they become due.

Recoveries & Litigation Module

The platform has all the required business entities and processes ready and we will devote the effort to customise the processes to match to the ones followed by the customer. It operates on all loan participants (e.g. debtor, co-debtor, guarantor(s), etc.) and runs on parallel unlimited amicable and judicial processes, as required by the customer, as well as regulations implied by local judicial systems.

Real Estate Owned

It covers a wide range of customer assets found through property search process and collaterals against debts. The officer may determine the existence of an asset after a property search and transform it into collateral once the proper litigation action took place (e.g. mortgage), while the opposite process is also supported, i.e. the release of a collateral’s “weight”, a typical step of the Real Estate Owned process.

Integration with 3rd party systems

Arotron’s integration module gives access to the industry’s leading data services with a single connection.


A graphical user interface

while keeping the intellectual property within the organisation, the customer design and implement optimal scorecards, segmentations and collection and legal strategies through the definition of the portfolio.

Execution engine

simulate business decisions and analyse online the behaviour on test scenarios.

User-defined structures to implement Champion-Challenger functionality.

Maximize efficiency through business process automation

Low cost channels (dialler, SMS, Mail, chat box) enablement for massive operations.

Personalised approaches for larger accounts.

No Coding

Independence of new releases to support smooth adaptation to the fast-changing market conditions.

Advanced Integration Services:

Multi-tenant support

Unify data from multiple business entities & applications hosted in legacy systems.

Loan origination integration

Your point of sales is empowered with instant access to collections history and scoring of any applicant. Your collection agents have immediate access to all customer documentation.

Customer Unification and Data Cleansing services

Get the most of Arotron customer-centric business model, putting an end to multiple customer profiles.

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