Decision Engine

Decision Engine

Business Rules Management System

Decision Engine


Decision Engine is a Decision Management solution, which maps decisions to business objectives allowing organisations to define, manage and monitor Policies using business vocabulary in an intuitive environment with unsurpassed operational reliability, security, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Map decisions to business objectives intuitively

Decision Engine exploits business staff expertise as decision models are built using business vocabulary and not programming code.

Accelerate development and testing cycles

With no gap between specification and implementation, Decision Engine significantly reduces the cost of testing, allowing decision models to be defined at very early stages of the project.

Strengthen collaboration across the organisation

Business rules become a common language facilitating cross functional communication within the organisation. Traditional barriers between the business and IT are eliminated.

Achieve measurable levels of Compliance with Policies and Industry Regulations

Decision Engine transforms repeatable processes into traceable decisions with measurable and optimisable output.

Make the right decision at the right time

Decision Engine automates complex manual processes and incorporates credit, collection, compliance and regulatory requirements creating an automated decisioning environment

Detailed auditing allows for full control

Decision Engine fully satisfies audit control and compliance requirements.

Decision Engine


Decision Engine business candidates

  • Scoring and segmentation of customer portfolio
  • Strategies implementation
  • Credit and loan approvals
  • Underwriting
  • Claims processing
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Cross-sell upsell and recommend the right products

A user friendly interface

  • The graphical rule designer allows organisations with complex operations to build rules with ease.
  • The interface allows analysts to design rules in a multilingual environment.

Business Objects Adapter

The BO Adapter improves decisioning in a seamless manner while it may significantly reduce compliance costs.

Business rules validation

Rules adhere to the solution’s syntax principles as errors are immediately detected and corrected before completing a rule. They are fully tested, minimising the duration of the User Acceptance Testing cycle.

Decision Engine
Decision Engine