Loan Origination Solution



The increased need for scrutiny, risk elimination, and ever changing regulations has increased the complexity of the processes required for the origination and the closing of all types of banking products. Whether a consumer loan, a personal loan, a credit card, a house loan or any other type of credit line, it is essential to comply with a complex set of regulations, internal and external rules and policies and a set of complex, but consistently repeatable, workflows.

i-Apply helps lenders identify process efficiencies, customise workflows, and comply with regulatory changes. It is a multi-channel, platform independent solution, built to serve a wide variety of financial products and handles credit products decisioning, origination, management and collection processes.


Control your entire lending process

External and internal scoring, along with pre-populated KYC information, minimise data capture requirements and allow the bank staff to focus on the right customer and quality loan portfolios.

Increase your efficiency and business agility

You can adjust scorings to changing market conditions, while you can roll new lending products out fast, targeting new market segments i-Apply Product Factory ensures that technology and processes provide the modern bank with the capability to flexibly configure new offerings, seamlessly distributed across channels, without adding cost and complexity.

Adapt with great flexibility

With industry standard rules and risk models, i-Apply supports and automates credit policy checks, allowing credit approvers to focus on decisions of increased risk and complexity, thus shielding the bank from potential “bad debt” exposures.

Reduce your risk and regulatory exposure

Rigorous and standardised approval processes throughout the Loan Origination life-cycle and for different lines of business, support compliance efforts protecting the institution against defaults.

Run with powerful workflow and rule engines

With seamless routing, tracking, allocation of automated tasks and notifications to bank staff, i-Apply supports timely credit decisions, which are organised entirely around the bank’s unique credit policies.

Improve compliance

i-Apply defines comprehensive workflow models, building a secure and fully auditable end-to-end credit decision process which maintains flexibility, while it ensures the quality of complex customer evaluations.


i Apply Workflow Management Module

Provides to the authorised users, the possibility to create and maintain workflows of any product and to configure the business policy of the organisation into the system.

  • Multiple Workflows per product
  • Parallel Processing
  • Dynamic Workflow based on business rules
  • Dynamic Workflow balancing
  • Multi Node View
  • Multi User Role
  • Manual Assignment
  • Manual Override
  • Manual steps
  • Versioning
  • Powerful Audit (list & visual)
  • Activation date

i-Apply’s Integration Module

Gives access to the industry’s leading data services with a single connection. It can integrate with any of the following options using secure channels (https, SFTP’s, ADFS, etc.):

  • API’s exposed
  • XML’s
  • Web services
  • Exchange of files

A friendly Interface:

i-Apply provides users with a rich set of HTML5 interfaces for in-house and Channel users (e.g. Desktop, Web-based, Tablet, Smartphone).
Information is exchanged between i-Apply and the CBS/CRM, providing users with the necessary customer information such as financial details, employment information, collateral management and valuation, etc. in a multilingual web-based environment.

The i-Apply Document Management System (DMS)

Controls the life cycle of the Loan Documentation File.
It facilitates the creation, storage, retrieval and retention as well as archival of the file, while it allows the bank to define and use standard document templates for each type of product.

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