Enterprise Application Framework



In today’s corporate environment, organisations need to adapt quickly to fast product lifecycles while improving products just to stay on path with industry peers. Improving the customer experience through technology is a cornerstone of market success.
Mitos is an agile and flexible enterprise application framework enabling the development of business applications using a common infrastructure to cover the largest possible part of the functionality without requiring programming. The common infrastructure is divided into two parts: the part that is agnostic as to the operational needs (business agnostic infrastructure) and the part that is relevant to the requirements of a vertical market (business framework). The infrastructure includes a number of resources that support a set of common functions and operational frameworks integrate into a single subsystem data, functions, operational standards and services related to a specific market.


Adapt with great Flexibility

Regular iterative life cycles to accommodate changes in customer’s needs and business environment during the project. With industry standard rules and risk models, Mitos supports and automates policy checks. Rules are designed, tested and implemented in a graphical environment. Using business language, users can build rules, reducing or eliminating the need of IT resources.

Run with powerful workflow and rule engines

With seamless routing, tracking, allocation of automated tasks and notifications to organization staff, Mitos supports timely decisions, which are organized entirely around the organisation’s unique policies.

Enhanced Productivity

Delivery of working software for customer acceptance at the end of each iteration (every few weeks). Focus on working to “pay down” technical debt (unresolved unknowns, uncorrected design errors, testing left for later)

Control your entire process

Centrally defined and maintained processes, pre-populated KYC information, minimise data capture requirements and allow the organization staff to focus on the right customer.

Reduce your risk and regulatory exposure

Rigorous and standardized processes, support compliance efforts protecting the organization. Moreover, Mitos responds immediately to regulations and adopt any security policy. compliance and Security Efficient

Understand and Adapt to your client’s business instantly

Mitos also allows deploying new products at a glance. You can design, create, test and deploy online by your Organisation Administrator users.

Develop dashboards and KPIs for all hierarchical levels of the customer

Mitos allows to monitor and manage efficiently both daily operations and productivity as well as strategic business decisions.

Protection of the Business Intellectual Property Rights

Business users define their own business policies and scenario without the need of the Vendor or even the IT

No Vendor Locking

Business workflow and Business policies logic are configured by business users.




Mitos Server:

Enterprise Layer

Six general-purpose autonomous and horizontal services:


It provides functions to describe the hierarchical structure of users that comprise an organisation and participate in its functions. It supports concepts such as users, features, groups, rights, etc. It is able to answer dynamic queries on matters pertaining to the organization and its users.

Workflow (Case) Service

It allows for the definition of workflows, which correspond to the main operational objectives of the organisation. Operational objectives involve users, systems, documents and business rules. This service is responsible for both the description and the implementation of additional flows and maintains a detailed history (log) for each workflow in progress.

Business Rules Service

It allows for the definition and enforcement of business rules that govern the operation of an organisation. These rules are called from the workflow service and they can access any data kept from the other autonomous services.

Human Task (Inbox) Service

This is the basic service by which the end user’s web client is exposed the most. It knows what each user has to do or can do at any time and can search and recover information from other services in order to inform the web client about all operational data for a particular job.

Content Management Service

It includes functions related to document management. It supports concepts such as folders (directories), version control, features, access rights, custom properties etc.

Template service

Business Layer

One autonomous service named Business Model Service, which concerns functions specific to a particular vertical business

Customer Layer

It concerns the solution developed for each Customer based on its specific requirements.


Mitos Studio

All the administration and monitoring aspects of Mitos

End-User Application

The business specific applications developed for the Custome

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