Technology and business needs

23 November 2021

Technology moves very fast and is part of our daily lives, without us actually noticing that we are so dependent on all kinds of technologies, which should be also kept updated or replaced by newer versions.

Financial industry has been for decades challenged to have the most recent technology to stay competitive in their customer services. We can ask if there is a risk of financial institutions becoming so focused on the technology that their actual business and customer service contents and quality are suffering??

But also the financial technology sector is facing a similar challenge. Can the technology development companies become so focused on the technology itself that the broader picture of the business needs of their customers could be forgotten?

Any software solution used in the financial industry should always be just a tool to maintain and further develop the customer services. The financial industry companies’ search for new technologies should be based only on their business needs, not just because there is a new technology available.

Relational is a different technology company and software vendor. When signing a contract with us, the financial institution gets a partner, with whom to develop the solution to meet their business needs. Our platform and solution are managed by business rules. They allow our customers to make fast functionality and risk assessment changes by themselves. This is a major benefit in the current volatile financial markets.

For this very important topic, this link takes you to an excellent article by Alex Reddish, MD of Tribe Payments, published in Sibos 2021 news.


Atlassian partnership announcement

18 October 2022

We are pleased to announce that Relational is becoming an Atlassian Solution Partner. This partnership is a result of the merger agreement between Cententia and Relational and follows the process of transferring all related activities and personnel of Cententia to Relational. Cententia has been an Atlassian Solution Partner since 2007, offering high-quality consulting & development […]

Save the date – NPL Iberia Conference, SmithNovak

8 September 2022

We are excited to announce that we are once again a proud sponsor of SmithNovak’s NPL Iberia Conference, taking place in Madrid on 29 November! We will be announcing our speakers soon, until then please check out our website for more info. More about the event here

Save the date – Global NPL 2022, SmithNovak

26 July 2022

We are excited to be a proud sponsor of the Global NPL 2022 summit taking place in London, on 5-6 October. Don’t miss out our very own Alexandros Efstratoglou on stage talking about technology and innovation in the market.