ElasTest featured at Voxxed Days Athens 2019

12 June 2019

Voxxed Athens 2019 took place on June 7th-8th, 2019 at Technopolis and had the chance to attract the attendance of more than 600 people from 15 different countries. Two days with 4 keynotes and 25+ speakers, lots of workshops and 2 parallel tracks, each on different topics, including languages and frameworks, big data and cloud, future and AI, modern mobile and web development, craftsmanship and methodologies offered attendees the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and learn new skills while enjoying the event and having fun!

Relational was a Gold Sponsor featuring ElasTest platform, a tool for helping developers to test and validate complex distributed systems. ElasTest platform is based on three principles, test orchestration, instrumentation and monitoring and test recommendation. A 15 minute presentation by Relational thoroughly explained that as demand for larger and more interconnected software systems is constantly increasing, the ability of developers to satisfy it is not evolving accordingly. The most limiting factor is software validation, which typically requires very costly and complex testing processes. The presentation pointed out how ElasTest aims at significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process and, with it, the overall quality of large software systems.


CKV / Relational: New collaboration

5 April 2022

The Belgian niche bank CKV has selected AroTRON Debt Management platform to manage their loans portfolio and automate their debt collection, recovery and restructuring processes, in order to make its application landscape complete and future proof. The Company CKV is an unlisted, independent, stable, Belgian niche bank that has been active throughout Belgium since 1956 […]

Can an NPL “wave” be avoided on 2022?

3 February 2022

Have you heard about the NPL tsunami? Different players in the NPL market have expressed their worries about rapidly worsening bank asset quality and an ensuing ‘NPL tsunami’ from the COVID pandemic. Those challenges have not materialised so far and one reason for keeping them on hold is clearly the policy mix that governments have […]

The non-performing loans directive is now live

28 January 2022

On 24 November 2021, the European Parliament approved the final version of Directive 2021/2167 which addresses high levels of non-performing loans held by banks in the European Union (the NPL Directive). The Directive has been under discussion since 2018. The accelerated legislative process to approve the Directive last November could have been triggered by the […]