Is your IT able to support the compliance with the EBA guidelines?

30 September 2021

Is your IT able to support the compliance with the EBA guidelines?
EBA has guidelines on management of non-performing and forborne exposures.

Internal control functions should regularly submit to the management body online and written reports on NPL management, highlighting major identified deficiencies.

These reports should include, for each new identified major deficiency:
– the relevant risks involved,
– an impact assessment,
– recommendations and
– corrective measures to be taken.

Where necessary, the heads of internal control functions should be able to have access to and report directly to the management body in its supervisory function to raise concerns and warn the supervisory function, where appropriate, when specific developments affect or may affect the institution. This should not prevent the heads of internal control functions from reporting within regular reporting lines as well.

Our Decision Engine and Loan Management Solution would be the key modules to provide you with all the EBA functionalities and reports required. For your real estate portfolio or collaterals, our REO module would be the support.


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