The Future of Auto Finance

18 October 2019

Fintech is changing the way that consumers access credit, and auto lending is part of that process. The traditional model of dealership financing is too confusing and time-consuming to survive more intense competition. Fintech startups, established banks, and even dealerships could offer customers faster approval, more choices, and perhaps better terms. Embracing change is the […]

Financial Convergence

9 October 2019

The idea of financial convergence has been around at least since the 1990s, but the process is accelerating. Banks, Big Tech, and fintech start-ups are increasingly working together on joint projects or competing directly in the same markets. A coming financial convergence is behind all of these interactions. A similar convergence has already taken place […]

Data Analytics Are the Path to AI

30 September 2019

Most businesses realize that data analytics can increase sales and boost productivity, but there are also benefits for AI. Analytics require automated access to current data sources and the ability to put information to use quickly. That is exactly what we need for the successful deployment of artificial intelligence. By investing in data analytics, firms […]

A Simpler Future for Fintech

23 September 2019

Remember how technology was supposed to make life easier in the future? Today, most people struggle to keep up with multiple bank accounts, ever-expanding investment options, and endless security threats. The success of companies like Apple and Google shows that there is a real demand for simpler technology. The future of fintech will also be […]


ECB predicts, in a severe scenario, that NPL levels could reach €1.4 trillion once COVID-19 relief measures are withdrawn

6 September 2021

Some €99.3bn of non-performing loans (NPL) sales have already been announced in 2021, which would surpass last year’s total of €77.8bn across 103 transactions, according to analysis from Deloitte.

EBA starts consultation process for NPL transaction data templates

6 September 2021

In the EBA guidelines on management of non-performing and forborne exposures, banks are required to introduce and operationalise NPL reduction strategies. DLA Piper’s Portfolio Solutions Group has started its internal review process on EBA’s consultation process for NPL transaction data templates. DLA Piper will provide, in particular, country specific views and a diverse approach taking […]

EU NPL Market to Benefit from More Maturity and Transparency

6 September 2021

The market for non-performing loan (NPL) transactions in the EU will benefit from improved maturity and transparency following recent legislative and regulatory initiatives. The initiatives should be favorable for the NPL market. “More transparent pricing could also motivate existing NPL sellers to sell more portfolios and more banks to start selling NPLs, both of which […]