Digital transformation as one of the top issues in every organisation’s strategy

20 October 2021

The pandemic brought additional pressures to review where the organisations are with their digitalisation and what should be done to stay competitive.

Financial services organisations make no exception and are facing the threat of new competitors that have completely embraced the digital era. With information at the core of every business function, poor information management can affect business profitability, risk exposure accuracy and reactions to the changes too late.

Operating NPL portfolios accurately and efficiently requires perfect information management capabilities. It is not just to know the current status of the portfolios and their risk position. The volatile market changes need easy and fast capabilities to reassess the portfolios and risk positions. Additionally, perfect information management supports making on the spot changes to the ways of running portfolios in the changed market conditions.

How is your organisation’s information management today? Do you know where your NPL portfolios are 7/24/365? Do you have an old legacy IT solution where any change takes weeks if not months to complete? Or a more modern solution but changes need coding and take time?

We design and implement IT solutions, together with you, for your business needs. Contact us to arrange a detailed presentation for more details.


The New Normal for the NPL Market

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