Success Story


Customer: Athens International Airport
Sector: Airport Industry | Project Type: MIS Implementation

Project Description

Relational has been a long-standing partner of AIA in the provision of Design and implementation services for the corporate Management Information System (MIS). Said system is owned by the Information Technology & Telecommunication Business Unit (IT&T BU) of AIA utilized to provide reliable, though analytical and cost-effective data and services to its internal and external users/customers.

AIA Management Information System Success Story

The Challenge

AIA’s MIS has been designed to collect and analyse information from several and diverse applications and databases of the airport company, aiming at establishing an integrated information environment distinct for its accuracy effectiveness and dissemination of information in a timely manner.

The Solution

The Solution comprises a Business Intelligence system, with the use of “Informatica PowerCenter” and “BusinessObjects” products, that offers advanced analytics and combines all the dispersed information into a common pool.

The Solution

The Solution comprises a Business Intelligence system, with the use of “Informatica PowerCenter” and “BusinessObjects” products, that offers advanced analytics and combines all the dispersed information into a common pool.

The Implementation

Informatica PowerCenter SE with Real Time Option is used as ETL Tool to integrate homogeneous & heterogeneous data sources before loading them in MIS DataWarehouse (DWH).

The core MIS DataMart loads, cleans and synchronizes collected data on a predefined pattern Collected data from various transactional databases as well as from flat files, xml files and web Services, from servers hosted on-premises and/or in a cloud environment, are loaded and synchronized hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly on the consolidated MIS DWH.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite is utilized as a centralized suite for data reporting, visualization, and sharing. In its role as the on-premise BI layer for AIA Management Information System, it transforms data into useful insights, available on a single, scalable platform.

There are Automatically updated reports and visualizations refreshed on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis. In addition, there are Prompt-Updated ad-hoc reports and visualizations which may be refreshed by users on demand. Reports are disseminated either automatically or on demand, based on the user’s specific needs.

The Results

  • Allow users to easily access and utilize predefined reports and visualizations and create their own ones as the case might be, using a consolidated database involving a wide array of data and information collected by several business areas.
  • Provide automatically up to date information dissemination to Stakeholders, Management, Line post holders and employees, External Parties, i.e. Public Authorities Airlines as well as Retailers via B2B Portal.

Indicative Business benefits:

  • “Single version of truth” – unique corporate data elements and semantics
  • Faster information Management & dissemination
  • Advanced information quality and availability
  • Ability to support and rationalize business decisions
  • Business Performance comparison over time
  • Ability to identify and Analyze Business Trends and insights
  • Enhancement of coordination among business units and business partners
  • Effective monitoring of performance through the Airport’s KPIs

“Management Information System (MIS) is a key enabler for the achievement of AIA’s mission to retain its Information Technology & Telecommunication Business Unit at the forefront of innovation and digitization, thus been recognized by all its customers as trust-worthy provider of innovative systems and services as well as a key contributor to our Stakeholders’ success.
In this regard MIS provides access to valuable information needed to, i) perform daily or strategic tasks effectively though safely, ii) improve decision making iii) enhance communication and iv) accelerate identification of risks and opportunities. by internal and external customer utilizing the system.”

Director, IT&T Business Unit, Athens International Airport