Success Story


Customer: EPIC
Sector: Telecommunications | Project Type: ITSM Solution

Project Description

Epic is a telecom operator in Cyprus providing mobile/fix/internet services. It is owned by Monaco Telecom which belongs to the NJJ telecom group.

Challenge facing the business:

  • The primary need was to on board the entire company on one system for its operations which would be dependable, scalable, redundant, flexible and traceable to adhere to new GDPR rules and to offer easy reporting. This translates to replacing several legacy systems and methods for ticketing and operations. We needed more automation, cleaner databases, repositories, flows and integrated systems. We wanted to reevaluate and enhance our operation processes for both employee collaboration and customer requests and to facilitate several User needs like ease of use for high resource rotation with the Call center teams, speed and succinct specificity to the engineering teams, Measuring KPIs and managing results was another strong request from management across the company, asking for the option to apply a complex SLM/SLA solution.
  • The impact on business is ongoing since the project is in progress. However, we have since the end of 2018 moved the entire technical ops to the new system, have so far incorporated most of Stores and Customer Support teams’ operations and created all new flows for the initiation of the company’s own FTTH business. Pending are enhancements, the SLM solution and the internal ticketing needs that are not customer related.

What would have happened if challenge not resolved:

  • We would not be able to have the speed to operate, report nor follow up on all customer requests. Previously we faced issues with lost requests. This caused double efforts and confusion to Customer Support, and for sure reporting was minimal making true tracking of the KPIs difficult. A lot of mistakes have been avoided by automating the ticket input through integration and the flows set with validations. All information is now simplified, in one place, all is registered, corelated and can be traced back to. All historical info is there and agents, technicians and engineers have access to specific details even while on the road. The system is highly available, redundant behind load balancers and accessible through mobile platforms, enabling on the spot communication with local or back office teams, and NOC teams abroad.
  • The purpose of the project was the implementation of BMC Remedy ITSM & Remedy custom applications. Having implemented the BMC ITSM platform, Epic was capable to manage all requests/tickets in CRM, Sales and NOC departments via an automated and well-structured method.

Business Benefits

For all departments, the benefit is that all actions can be tracked and information is easily communicated on time and automatically. Furthermore, the processes were revisited and optimized, and reports and SLA/KPIS are now easy to manage. The customer (internally or externally) enjoys prompt service with accuracy and effectiveness. Epic can now provide considerably enhanced customer support and the ability to implement new services that can be supported on one and the same familiar platform which offers the benefit of speed to service and minimized training.

The key success metrics achieved from the project were the following:

  • Decreased costs almost by 20%
  • Time savings more than 30%
  • Percent improved by 30%
  • Greater accuracy by 50%
  • Reduced headcount
  • More efficient use of skilled personnel