Success Story


Customer: Eurobank Greece
Sector: Banking | Project Type: i-Apply Loan origination

Project Description

Eurobank Greece is one of the top 3 banks in Greece, which offers all the banking products (Consumer Loans, Home Loans, Business Loans, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Overdrafts, Corporate Loans, etc.) using all channels (Mobile, Web, Branches, Merchants, telemarketing, etc.).

Eurobank Greece, an i-Apply Flagship Customer, has implemented i-Apply to manage the loan origination and evaluation of the following products:

  • Credit Cards issuing
  • e-Credit Card – an integration of Loan origination with Eurobank’s e-Banking
  • Auto – Moto Loans and Durable Goods
  • Consumer Loans concerning Personal loans, Overdrafts and Open Lines
  • e-Personal Loan – an integration of Loan origination with Eurobank’s e-Banking
  • After Sales of Products
  • Green Loans

Business Benefits

  • One customer visit. No need to contact the customer again; Contract automatically activated upon loan disbursement.
  • Branch channel: 78% automation vs. 40% automation before installation i-Apply
  • Digital channels: 70% automation (with customer prescreening)
  • Digital signature (digital journey end to end for the customer)
  • 75% Reduced Process Time from 6 days to 1,5 day for credit cards and 69% Reduced Process Time from 8 days to 2,5 days for Retail Loans.
  • Customer Prescreening
  • Automate Policies, Scorecards, Controls and Processing Steps using the graphical interface of the Decision Engine module
  • SMS/e-mail notifications to the customer for the progress of the application
  • Product Bundling with Safe Pocket