Quality Policy

Relational has developed and implements an Integrated Management System in accordance
with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 with scope: «PRODUCTION,

The company’s Management is committed to adhere to the Integrated Management System
with consistency and guided by the provision of products and services of stable and recognized
quality. This Policy statement of the company is a commitment to comply with national laws,
EU and regulatory directives, the requirements of the standard and the continuous
improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System. The company is
committed to abide by and fully implement the applicable legislation governing its operations.

For the effective implementation of the above, Relational establishes objective objectives for
quality at all levels of its operation, the achievement of which is examined and evaluated by the
Management, in the context of the scheduled Reviews, of the Integrated Management System
(IMS), with the ultimate goal of its continuous improvement.

The Management is committed to the continuous training of its personnel regarding the
continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System. The above policy concerns all
activities of the company, is communicated and is available both within the company and to
interested parties as appropriate and ensures that it is applied at all levels, with the main
purpose of creating the relevant consciousness of the Principles and Philosophy of the System.

The company, through the unwavering commitment of the Management, to the observance of
the principles set forth in this Policy and in general, throughout the extent of the Integrated
Management System (IMS) of the company, looks forward to the continuous and steady
development of its business activity, as a consequence of satisfying the requirements of its
customers and the continuous enhancement of the quality of the products and services
provided by it.

Top Management
Ioannis Papaevgeniou