Microbase is a communications software developer and supplier, with a leading role in the Greek and Cypriot market and a developing position in EMEA markets.

Founded in 2003, Microbase has invested in creating innovative products which have been the basis of our customers’ telecommunication infrastructure.

Such products are the Asterisk based IP PBX CommPlatform series with the Microbase CommServer and Microbase miniComm products.


Relational and Microbase have formed a strong partnership, as all Dialer functionalities are provided as an ΟΕΜ tool, through Arotron. The integration process has led to an end to end collection platform, having all dialer methods (preview, progressive, predict, recording, supervisor tools).

With numerous implementations to Relational’s client base (banks, debt servicers, law firms), this proves the capability and the high sophistication of this partnership.