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“What leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas”.
Victor Hugo.

We’ve built Relational on our own good ideas. That’s why we know how important good ideas are. Since 1995, Relational has grown from one of the most promising independent software vendors in Greece, to an international software developer with offices in 3 European countries, 220 employees and a client base all over Europe, Northern and Sub Saharan Africa and the Arab Peninsula.

Relational has developed critical business software solutions for the banking, telecoms, retail, and government sectors, while it also delivers integrated Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Business Service Management solutions in cooperation with a number of leading international software vendors. Our customer base includes over 300 corporate customers across all industries. Especially in the banking sector, over 50.000 users operate Relational’s mission critical software applications. All banks in Greece, and the top banks in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Africa rely on Relational for their major IT systems.

So, now it’s time for Relational to think out of the box and look once again into the future. It’s time to empower start-ups with outstanding new ideas by sharing our vast know-how, expertise and resources. It’s time to help you materialize and sell your great idea. We are willing to support you in various ways, such as:

  • Flexible funding schemes
  • Networking activities to Relational’s business ecosystem
  • Marketing consulting and advisory services
  • Broad spectrum of mentoring services, such as market analysis, legal and IPR handling issues, human resources issues,etc.
  • Hosting services in modern facilities promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating synergies

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