Trust Is the Key to the Financial Internet of Things

17 April 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming to the world of finance, and improving security is essential. Outside of financial applications, the IoT has a reputation for security flaws. Tellingly, the IoT is most successful in areas of finance where it actually enhances the security of information. IoT devices may eventually replace credit and debit […]

The Securitization of Everything

10 April 2019

It seems that all assets eventually become tradable securities, despite significant setbacks along the way. To see where this process is going, it helps to take a look back at how stocks, bonds, mortgages, and even commodities became traded financial assets. After learning from the past, we can look ahead at the possible future securitization […]

The Digital Map

27 March 2019

There is an old saying that the three most important things in retail are location, location, location! Alas, firms can no longer rely exclusively on physical locations. The web came first, but now many businesses must also offer mobile apps. Firms need to stay on the digital maps of their customers to stay in business. […]

The Necessity of Automation in Finance

14 March 2019

Financial institutions frequently turn to automation to reduce costs, but they can accomplish so much more with fintech partners. Automation makes new and better services available to more customers than ever before. Financial firms that embrace automation win new customers today and have an edge on their competitors in the long-run. Ultimately, certain types of […]


Save the date – Global NPL 2022, SmithNovak

26 July 2022

We are excited to be a proud sponsor of the Global NPL 2022 summit taking place in London, on 5-6 October. Don’t miss out our very own Alexandros Efstratoglou on stage talking about technology and innovation in the market.

CKV / Relational: New collaboration

5 April 2022

The Belgian niche bank CKV has selected AroTRON Debt Management platform to manage their loans portfolio and automate their debt collection, recovery and restructuring processes, in order to make its application landscape complete and future proof. The Company CKV is an unlisted, independent, stable, Belgian niche bank that has been active throughout Belgium since 1956 […]

Can an NPL “wave” be avoided on 2022?

3 February 2022

Have you heard about the NPL tsunami? Different players in the NPL market have expressed their worries about rapidly worsening bank asset quality and an ensuing ‘NPL tsunami’ from the COVID pandemic. Those challenges have not materialised so far and one reason for keeping them on hold is clearly the policy mix that governments have […]