Realizing the Advantages of Data Analytics

20 May 2019

Is your organization using data analytics effectively? The quick answer from most of us would be yes. However, that is usually only true in certain well-established areas. Firms continually introduce services and apps but may not be collecting and analyzing the new information that they generate. We must work together to realize the full promise […]

Choosing Your Digital Partners

8 May 2019

Small fintech firms are often the best digital partners for large organizations. Issues such as language support and local regulations are secondary to tech giants, but crucial to many businesses. A smaller fintech partner can focus on these and other specialized needs that larger firms often ignore. Speaking the Language A partner with a strong […]

Agile Software for Changing Businesses

24 April 2019

Agile development methods enable firms to update software more frequently, respond to user feedback, and complete projects more quickly. Despite their widespread success, agile software development methodologies are not yet fully implemented by most firms or government agencies. Completely realizing the original vision for agile development will yield even greater benefits in the future. The […]

Trust Is the Key to the Financial Internet of Things

17 April 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming to the world of finance, and improving security is essential. Outside of financial applications, the IoT has a reputation for security flaws. Tellingly, the IoT is most successful in areas of finance where it actually enhances the security of information. IoT devices may eventually replace credit and debit […]


ECB predicts, in a severe scenario, that NPL levels could reach €1.4 trillion once COVID-19 relief measures are withdrawn

6 September 2021

Some €99.3bn of non-performing loans (NPL) sales have already been announced in 2021, which would surpass last year’s total of €77.8bn across 103 transactions, according to analysis from Deloitte.

EBA starts consultation process for NPL transaction data templates

6 September 2021

In the EBA guidelines on management of non-performing and forborne exposures, banks are required to introduce and operationalise NPL reduction strategies. DLA Piper’s Portfolio Solutions Group has started its internal review process on EBA’s consultation process for NPL transaction data templates. DLA Piper will provide, in particular, country specific views and a diverse approach taking […]

EU NPL Market to Benefit from More Maturity and Transparency

6 September 2021

The market for non-performing loan (NPL) transactions in the EU will benefit from improved maturity and transparency following recent legislative and regulatory initiatives. The initiatives should be favorable for the NPL market. “More transparent pricing could also motivate existing NPL sellers to sell more portfolios and more banks to start selling NPLs, both of which […]