RegTech: FinTech Comes to Government

3 September 2018

Ideally, government regulations would take into account all relevant factors. In actual practice, compliance costs severely limit the information available to regulators. It can also be difficult to enforce regulations, and governments often rely on self-reporting. RegTech potentially solves these problems for banks, asset managers, and regulators by applying the latest financial technology to regulations. […]

FinTech Around the World

FinTech Around the World

1 August 2018

Past advances in technology tended to start in California’s Silicon Valley and spread outward, but FinTech companies seem to be springing up everywhere. Why has the development of financial technology been different? Patterns of Adoption According to accounting giant EY, FinTech adoption in the United States in 2017 was equal to the global average at […]

No Shelter from FinTech

15 December 2017

The way that we buy and sell our homes has remained much the same amidst the swirl of technological progress, but real estate will provide no shelter from FinTech in the future. RealTech firms are already changing how we search for property. Further down the road, PropTech promises to bring the speed and flexibility of […]

Customizing the Future

15 December 2017

I have seen the future, and it is customized. We’ve seen individualized content on the Internet displace traditional media. Online retailers have started giving consumers access to more customized products. Soon, we are likely to see the personalization of financial services. I’m excited to be part of the customization process, and I hope that you […]


Save the date – NPL Greece, SmithNovak

31 May 2023

Another great event by SmithNovak is fast approaching, this time in our hometown! We are proudly sponsoring the NPL Greece event on 8 June in Athens. Looking forward to seeing Antonis Bayias, Advisor to the Board, on stage sharing his thoughts at the Technology panel. See you there!

Save the date – NPL Europe, SmithNovak

20 March 2023

Another year, another great collaboration with SmithNovak NPL Europe London, where we are proud sponsors! Looking forward to our annual meeting in London, to exchange insights and talk about the latest market trends. Our own Jarmo Kesanto, International Business Development Manager Relational FS, will go on stage to chat with other market experts at the “Collections Technology” […]

Atlassian partnership announcement

18 October 2022

We are pleased to announce that Relational is becoming an Atlassian Solution Partner. This partnership is a result of the merger agreement between Cententia and Relational and follows the process of transferring all related activities and personnel of Cententia to Relational. Cententia has been an Atlassian Solution Partner since 2007, offering high-quality consulting & development […]