7 Ways to Add Digital Value in Banking

15 December 2017

The FinTech revolution is bringing dramatic changes to the way that customers interact with banks, and there are large potential gains for firms that add the most value. Cisco Systems estimated that traditional banks could have made an additional 144 billion US dollars between 2011 and 2015 if they had taken full advantage of new […]

Digital Partnership: The Safe Bet on FinTech

6 September 2017

Is your business at risk from FinTech? More than 80% of financial executives surveyed by PwC believed that their business was at least partly at risk. Ironically, the risk-averse culture of finance may be putting financial firms at risk. The Collapse of Retail: A Cautionary Tale The collapse of retail shows that doing nothing is […]

Debt Collection Solutions for Today

7 August 2017

While debt collection is certainly less glamorous than some of the other topics that I’ve addressed, improving your company’s collection efforts can increase your profits today. In a world of new economic challenges and technological opportunities, choosing the right digital partner for collections has become more important than ever. A Changing Landscape The debt collection […]

Blockchain is the Future of Finance

3 July 2017

What if you could go back in time and be one of the first to offer secure payments over the Internet? Time travel technology is not available, but blockchain technology promises to have the same sort of impact as secure payments. Clearing Up Confusion If you’re not quite sure what blockchain does, you are not […]


Save the date – Global NPL 2022, SmithNovak

26 July 2022

We are excited to be a proud sponsor of the Global NPL 2022 summit taking place in London, on 5-6 October. Don’t miss out our very own Alexandros Efstratoglou on stage talking about technology and innovation in the market.

CKV / Relational: New collaboration

5 April 2022

The Belgian niche bank CKV has selected AroTRON Debt Management platform to manage their loans portfolio and automate their debt collection, recovery and restructuring processes, in order to make its application landscape complete and future proof. The Company CKV is an unlisted, independent, stable, Belgian niche bank that has been active throughout Belgium since 1956 […]

Can an NPL “wave” be avoided on 2022?

3 February 2022

Have you heard about the NPL tsunami? Different players in the NPL market have expressed their worries about rapidly worsening bank asset quality and an ensuing ‘NPL tsunami’ from the COVID pandemic. Those challenges have not materialised so far and one reason for keeping them on hold is clearly the policy mix that governments have […]